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Inpatient Care

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Inpatient Care services offered in Prescott, AZ

Spending time in the hospital is not usually anyone’s preference, but when you can continue to receive care from a provider you know and trust, the experience is easier to navigate. That’s why Erik Contreras, MD, of High Mark Internal Medicine in Prescott, Arizona, offers inpatient care to individuals who are already part of his practice family. To explore this service in greater detail, request an appointment online or over the phone. 

Inpatient Care Q&A

What is inpatient care and why is it important?

Inpatient care refers to health services received during a hospital stay. Outpatient care refers to the services you receive when you come in for an office visit and then return home afterward. 

Being admitted into a hospital can be a highly stressful experience, one that often follows illness or injury, or as part of a surgical procedure. You’re often in an unfamiliar setting with practitioners you might not know. 

Dr. Contreras offers inpatient care. He comes to the hospital to assess your condition and guide your care throughout your visit, whether you’re there for a couple for a couple of days or a few weeks. 

Having your preferred provider manage your care means you can expect continuity of care both during your hospital stay and once you’re discharged. There’s a reduced risk that changes will be made by hospital staff that don’t align with your long-term health planning.

What should I expect during inpatient care?

Expect to see Dr. Contreras in person while you’re in the hospital. The frequency of visits depends on several factors, including your condition and unique health needs. 

If you have questions or concerns about your care during a hospital stay, just let Dr. Contreras know. He can also advise you on what to expect once you return home and help make the transition easier. 

You can rest assured that Dr. Contreras is monitoring your health and progress while you’re in the hospital. This leaves you free to focus on getting better and looking forward to completing your recovery from the comfort of your home. 

What happens when I am discharged from the hospital?

Before you head home, you’ll receive thorough instructions on how to support your health and recovery on your own. Dr. Contreras will create a plan that meets your health needs through outpatient services and will let you know what you can do to feel better as quickly as possible. 

Medication management is also part of the process. Many people experience changes in their drug therapy following a hospital stay. Dr. Contreras helps you create a plan for taking medications at the right time of day and in the best combination to meet your changing needs. 

If you’d like more information about inpatient care or any of the other services available through High Mark Internal Medicine, request an appointment online or by phone today.