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Lab Testing services offered in Prescott, AZ

Lab testing offers insight into how well your organs and systems are functioning at any given time and is an essential part of primary care. Erik Contreras, MD, offers lab testing as part of the comprehensive health services on offer at High Mark Internal Medicine in Prescott, Arizona. When you’re ready to request a visit, reach out to the practice online or over the phone at your earliest convenience.  

Lab Testing Q&A

How does lab testing work?

Lab testing takes a small sample of your blood, urine, or other tissues and evaluates it for a wide range of health markers. The results of lab testing can provide an astounding overview of your current health and is an integral part of great health care. 

One of the most common forms of lab testing involves a simple blood draw. Often called blood work, this testing can reveal a long list of results, including information about your heart health, hormone levels, cholesterol, liver and kidney function, and much more. 

 A biopsy is another type of lab testing that examines a small sample of tissue. Having a biopsy might involve a few seconds of discomfort but no significant pain. Dr. Contreras offers in-house lab draws, and then sends the samples offsite for evaluation. Results come in quickly and you’re informed of the next steps. 

What role does lab testing play in preventive health?

Routine lab testing gives Dr. Contreras a snapshot of your health at a specific point in time. He can check for signs of disease and even assess your risk of developing certain chronic health conditions. For example, if your blood glucose levels begin to rise, you may be at an elevated risk for Type 2 diabetes and can take steps to reduce your risk. 

The results of your lab testing go into your personal medical record, which becomes an invaluable resource over time. 

How can lab testing inform and enhance the diagnostic process?

If you’re experiencing symptoms, lab testing can help narrow down the diagnostic process. Some tests present a clear indication of disease, while others suggest chronic health conditions. 

Lab testing is also a powerful tool in tracking the efficacy of treatments. This allows Dr. Contreras to adjust your treatment to better suit your needs. For people who are working to manage conditions like heart disease and diabetes, lab testing can provide feedback showing that your lifestyle modifications are having a positive effect. 

It can be very gratifying to watch your cholesterol, blood glucose, and other health markers move closer to healthy levels as you make progress in your weight loss journey. 

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