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Primary Care

Primary Care, Internal Medicine & Concierge Medicine located in Prescott, AZ

Primary Care services offered in Prescott, AZ

Everyone should have a trusted primary care provider, a health specialist who can guide your care across all phases of life. For many residents of Prescott, Arizona, Erik Contreras, MD, of High Mark Internal Medicine fills that role. If you’re searching for an outstanding primary care practitioner, contact the office online or by phone to request an appointment today.  

Primary Care Q&A

Why is primary care so important?

Primary care includes all of the routine health services you need to thrive. Your primary care provider is the first stop for information or advice.

Dr. Contreras takes the time to get to know you and your health strengths and challenges. Great health care is never a one-size-fits-all experience.

What kinds of services are available within primary care?

Preventive health services include comprehensive annual exams with lab testing and screenings as needed. You’ll receive guidance on issues like nutrition, weight loss, heart health, vaccines, and more. 

Primary care also covers unexpected illness or injury. Sick visits focus on identifying the source of symptoms and getting you started on a path toward relief. If more in-depth diagnostic tools are needed, you’ll learn what your next steps are.

Chronic disease management begins with a thorough assessment of your current health and a plan to reduce the severity of chronic disease symptoms. Some people are even able to reduce their reliance on medications over time. 

What is the difference between direct primary care and concierge medicine?

The practice offers direct primary care for uninsured patients who want to pay a simple monthly fee to access services. This makes it easier to budget for health and wellness needs

Concierge medicine is also available for a monthly fee. This structure also allows you to use insurance to cover any additional health care costs. Dr. Contreras offers internal medicine services to patients from 18 years of age through geriatric care. 

How often do I need to schedule my primary care visits?

If you’re not experiencing symptoms and are in overall good health, you may only need to come in for an annual physical exam. This scheduling allows Dr. Contreras the opportunity to screen for disease and potentially catch issues before they advance to a more dangerous stage.

If you need ongoing care for a chronic health condition or are pursuing weight loss goals, you might need to come in more frequently, at least until your health has stabilized. During your initial visit, you can explore treatment timelines and learn what to expect in terms of your care planning. 

To request an appointment, reach out to High Mark Internal Medicine online or by phone today.